This is a tool to check the reading level of any webpage. Its goal is to provide some info about a webpage's main text, including:

I hope this is helpful. But, please keep in mind that it's up to each teacher to decide whether a text works for their class. That's a complex decision. It can't be determined by an algorithm alone.

I'm a teacher. Teachers sometimes assign online texts (i.e., secondary sources, news articles, etc). Reading level data is not available for most online texts. Teachers are also extremely busy. So, I built this tool to help with that.

Proprietary grade-level metrics and grade-level metrics which are based partially on human review will not be included here. However, this data should be considered by teachers when available.

No prob. Main text checked. Comments ignored.

Yes! But, please be patient with very large texts. Click once and wait. For example, in a recent test, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (available at Project Gutenberg ) took about 90 seconds to process. With the current version, there is a risk of timeout with very large texts (15k+ words). I am working on some ideas to speed this up in future versions. If possible, submit links to extremely large texts as TXT (rather than HTML) files.

Yes! First, follow these steps to publish your Google Doc to the web. Since these steps will make your doc publicly accessible to anyone with the link, it's a good idea to remove private information first. Next, paste the link provided by Google into CRL and click . After checking the Google Doc, follow these steps to stop publishing your file (click File, then Publish to the Web, then Stop Publishing).

A REST API is in development. The current version of this web app runs on that API. Access to CRL's API may be available soon via an API subscription key. Send an e-mail or check here later for more information.

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