• v0.5

    -complete front-end and back-end redesign

    -REST API back-end

    -user text input

    -added 4 Spanish-language readability algorithms

    -estimated reading time for EN and ES

    -more statistics (averages and polysyllable word count)

    -share code links

    -support for TXT files

    -list potentially difficult words, with learner's dictionary links

    -gauges on results page

    -custom implementation of statistics, grade-level, and readability algorithms

    -natural language processing (NLP) to improve accuracy of core statistics

    -significant improvements to syllable counting algorithm (est. 35%-45% improvement)

    -multi-threading to improve performance

    -fixed text retrieval timeout issue affecting some requests

    -timeout possible with very large texts (~50,000+ words)

    -some webpages which require rendering javascript prior to displaying text may cause errors.

    -some webpages which display text in multiple frames may cause errors

    -progress bar for large texts (query API worker status)

    -user feedback on results page

    -API access via subscription key

    -login with Google

  • v0.1

    It worked!

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